Shinhwa has been manufacturing and supplying herbal medicines by utilizing the advantages of traditional Korean and Chinese medicine. To adapt effectively to the ever changing circumstances of pharmaceutical industry, we set up a research institute in March 1999. Based largely on the technical experience and knowhow gained by Shinhwa, our research programs focus on the development of new herbal medicines and studies in pharmaceutical activities of natural ingredients.

Our current research consists of two main fields : development of new herbal medicines and applications of biotechnology in the product development. In order to undertake research and development effectively, some studies are conducted in cooperation with other research institutes and laboratories in universities. We have also initiated R&D program to translate research findings into practical applications. People are our great asset, and the institute places as much importance in the researchers’ professional development as in the research and development of our products, and gives them a chance to develop competitive intelligence capabilities in creative ways.

Note that the dosage forms of the products such as Dan, San, Tang and Won are mainly derived from classics of oriental medicine. Dan( 단 in Korean, 丹 in Chinese), which mean pills, San and Tang(산, 탕 in Korean, 散, 湯 in Chinese), which mean granules, and Won(원 in Korean, 元 in Chinese), which means granules or pills.

Research Fields

Development of New Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicines have been proven to be effective in treating or curing many different types of human diseases since antient times. The institute has striven to conduct the scientific research on natural ingredients and efforts have been made to isolate pure compounds from the natural resources like plants, containing physiologically active substances, some of which have been developed and commercialized. The researchers also endeavor to develop new dosage forms easily and conveniently available to customers, studying classics of oriental medicine.

Applications of Biotechnology

Many kinds of drugs have been developed to combat human diseases, but people are still under threat from a variety of diseases being not yet conquered. We are sure that herbal medicines are the most valuable resources to enable us to meet the challenge posed by diseases. Our researchers have used biotechnology to develop new herbal medicines, completing studies such as Antitumor and immunostimulation activities in natural herbs, Preparation of whitening materials from Cordyceps militaris, and Development of functional products bio-transformed from aglycone in isoflavone, while exploring new analytical techniques and developing effective and safe herbal medicines and functional food.