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105, Seongseodong-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea, SHINHWA

1. By Taxi

① Go straight from Bongri intersection to Namdaegu IC and go straight to Seongseo Industrial Complex. Turn left at Kyunghee Kangjae intersection and go straight through the first intersection and go straight on the second intersection.

② Take subway line 2 (Gyeongyang) to Yeongok Station and go straight to Gyeongseo Industrial Complex (Kyunghee Gangjae).

2. By subway

① Take subway line 1 to get off at St.Paul Mang Station and take bus number 564 (30 ~ 40 minutes) to Seongseo Industrial Complex at the bus stop near the LG Hi Plaza. It takes 15 minutes on foot from Gangseo Bus Stop.

② Take Subway Line 2 (Gyeongyang) to Yeongok Station and get to Seongseo Industrial Complex Bible No. 1 (5 minutes). Pass Dongjin Memorial Station and get off at the next stop.

3. By Car

From the highway Namdae-gu I / C, go down to the Bible Industrial Complex and U-TURN it as shown in the picture.

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