Shinhwa Pharmaceutical Corp. has specialized in herbal medicines since its foundation in 1998. Shinhwa is committed to manufacturing high quality herbal medicines, based on either the traditional formulas derived from Korean and Chinese medical classics, or the newly developed ones proven to be effective. We currently supply over 70 herbal medicinese in the form of granules, pills and tablets. In 2005, we completed the construction of a new plant equipped with advanced facilities, which has enhanced our manufacturing capabilities in order to provide our customers with better products.

All the products are manufactured under strict quality control according to GMP standards. We are proud to offer our customers pure, potent and effective herbal medicines, and make all efforts to ensure the safety and quality of our products. Shinhwa is also concentrating on diversifying our product line into functional food and cosmetics, making a positive contribution to the development in the pharmaceutical industry.


March, 1999
Opened in March and designated as an industrial R & D center in May by Korea Industrial Technology Association.

November, 1999
Nominated as new technology-intensive project by Gyeongbuk Technopark.
(Studies on the antitumor and immunostimulation activities of glycoprotein from Paecilomyces japonica DGUM 3200)

Aprill, 2000
Nominated as  Technology and Innovation Development Project by SMB(Small and Medium Business Administration).
(Development of β-glucan production with entomopathogenic fungus using large-scale  cultivation technique)

March, 2002
Nominated as  Technology and Innovation Development Project by SMB.
(Development of oriental herb medicines for curing human gum diseases)

March, 2003
Registration of a patent for Preparation of whitening materials from  Cordyceps militaris. (Patent No 0376782)

June, 2003
Registration of a patent for The manufacturing method of exopolysaccharide by liquid culturing of Paecilomyces tenuipes. (Patent No 0390081)

November, 2008
Development of functional products bio-transformed from aglycone in isoflavone


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